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Who makes the best Virtual Reality headset?

Technology is advancing extremely fast and opening up new horizons. Virtual reality is one of them and people are finally taking notice. Websites that deliver VR content are getting lots of attention and gaining tons of new visitors. They have also seen a huge spike in other genres related to virtual reality. Pornography has been one of those industries enjoying VR technology the most. Adult websites featuring VR content and its use has risen by unprecedented numbers of more than 400 percent the past year alone.

In case you want to see and feel what all the fuzz is about, you can get a pair of VR goggles. But just like everything else, there are hundreds or more VR headsets to choose from. That makes selecting one a difficult process for people not familiar with them. The list below contains some of the best VR headsets presently available to make your selection easier.


Samsung Gear

Anyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy phone can enjoy using this headset. It works with almost any Samsung mobile phones, depending on the model. The newer Samsung Gear comes with a remote control. Apps made for the Oculus Rift are used by the Gear VR and they also have tons of games you can play on it.


Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is likely one of the most popular and widely used VR headset. In addition to letting you enjoy VR content, it comes with six games you can play. But these goggles require that you use a PC or laptop. It comes with precision tracking system and two touch controllers.




Playstation 4 VR

Individuals who own a PSP should consider purchasing this unit. Whether they want to use it for games or viewing VR material, the Playstation 4 VR will work flawlessly. All it takes is using a Dualshock controller and downloading the right apps. You will need a USB flash drive if you want to watch VR videos without streaming them.



ETVR 5.0

For either Android or Apple mobile phone owners, the ETVR 5.0 is an option. The unit has a steel heat dissipation plate, adjustable focal distance and several other features. Users like the breathable facial cushion characteristic since it lets them breathe easier. That’s important since many people use these units for long periods at times.


Google Daydream View

Since this is a Google device, it works very well with both Android and Google Pixel smartphones. That also means it has hundreds of Android apps and games users can take advantage of. Additionally, the YouTube VR feature is exclusively for these headsets. Since it is priced for less than $100., people who don’t want to spend too much will also like it.


HTC Vive

Although this headset may be one of the most expensive on the list, it is also regarded as the best. When it comes to rendering the highest and most immersive VR experience, the HTC Vive ranks at the top. It comes with a 2160 X 1200 OLED display to make images come alive and give an awesome picture display. Gamers love these goggles since it has many games such as Fallout 4, Doom and others they can play on it.